nature's carpet

European Styling, Canadian Stock.

Wooline is a beautiful collection of wool broadloom that is manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and stocked here in BC. There are over 60 styles and colours many suitable for residential and commercial applications. All Wooline qualities have been hand selected for the Canadian market and are showcased at the best flooring dealers across Canada.

Wooline is dedicated to providing products that will not only look beautiful but will also create a healthy, long lasting environment for you and your loved ones.

Please visit the showroom for the completed color collections.

Comfort: The fluffy full coat of the sheep is what goes into making your carpet soft and sumptuous underfoot. Durable and warm, wool provides a safe environment.

Natural Beauty: Wool carpet in its natural state can display a beautiful heathery effect; equally wool can absorb dyes locking it deep into the fibers, allowing for the wool’s natural beauty to be further enhanced. This natural beauty will also last for many years owing to the resilience of the fibers.

Healthy Environment: The characteristics of wool fiber allows it to act like a natural filter therefore trapping dust and dirt and keeping them out of the air that we breathe.