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As early as 1641, there were two saw mills in operation at the BOEN waterfall on the Topdals river near Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. For over 350 years the people at BOEN have manufactured timber and in all those years quality has remained the essential point behind all their labours.

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Over the centuries the people at BOEN went forward, finding the best solutions, making the best products. At the turn of the centuries, one basic principle has remained at the core of BOEN's culture and history; respect for nature's resources. The raw materials have always been and remain the key to BOEN's existence.

BOEN is international player in the hardwood flooring business. BOEN products are sold in more than 50 countries, on four continents, with Corporate Management based in Norway. In addition to production sites in Russia, Lithuania and Switzerland, BOEN has sales offices in Norway, Germany, Lithuania, UK and USA and a big partner network around the world.

The newest product developments from BOEN include the introduction of the ready-to-use natural oil surface Live Natural, exclusive product innovations such as the Fashion Collection as well as the expansion of the exclusive plank formats in the 2-layer segment.

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BOEN hardware flooring BOEN’s main product is engineered hardwood flooring in approx. 13 various wood types, with a choice of thicknesses to cover different needs. The product range includes a large selection of 3-strip, plank and patterned hardwood flooring. Most of these products can be delivered finished with lacquered or oiled surfaces. BOEN can also offer tailor-made surfaces. Oil-treated floors emphasise the character of the wood and give the hardwood flooring a very natural feel. Lacquered surfaces are easier to care for. You can choose a glossy lacquer or matt lacquer depending on your wishes.

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