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Founded by Andres Faus in 1953, Faus Group started in a small carpenter's workshop in Gandia, Spain as a family owned organization. Currently , Faus has a fully integrated production facility for all types of interior covering products, including impregnation lines, melamine presses, milling lines, molding lines, etc in a 700,000 sf state of the art facility under one roof.

In 2006, Faus opened a 78 acre, 400,000 square ft. manufacturing facility in Calhoun, Georgia and are now considered a global manufacturer with facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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The success of the company is a result of innovation, research and development. Always a step ahead, our technological breakthroughs have transformed the world of laminate flooring.

Pioneering innovations such as Embossed In Register®, InterPlank Design®, MicroBevel®, Multi-Direction Design™ and LongStrip™ have allowed us to manufacture some of the most realistic wood, stone and ceramic floors available in today's marketplace.

United with FINSA, they can produce 30,000,000 m2 laminate floor, and sales per year is approximate EUR 1,000,000,000.



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The color choices are being reviewed and suject to change. Please contact the retailer for further options.

Features: Design
faus design

inter plank flash player Demo Video
  • Start laying the floor as indicated in the instructions.
  • Note how the strip design continues over two planks without a break.
  • The result is a floor that looks as if it was made of longer strips.

multi direction flash player Demo Video
  • To achieve the desired effect, fit the lower plank half-way down the previously laid plank.
  • Note how the plank design continues in all directions.
  • The result is an extremely realistic random design.

long strip flash player Demo Video
  • Start laying the floor as indicated in the installation instructions.
  • Note how the strip design continues over three planks without a break.
  • The result is a floor that looks as if it were made of extremely long wooden strips.

micro bevel flash player Demo Video
  • Each plank is completely coated with a corundum-reinforced overlay.
  • This system also protects the subtle microbevel between the strips forming each plank.
  • Note how the end result looks like real parquet, but with fewer joints for longer floor life.

real feel flash player Demo Video
  • An interactive innovation from faus, Realfeel faithfully reproduces completely natural looking materials no matter what the choice: ceramic, stone or wood.
  • See how the plank looks and feels just like the real thing.

faus design

Faus Laminate Structure arrow
faus laminate structure1. Overlay
A highly resistant surface layer with corundum (AL2O3), impregnated with melamine resins. This paper gives the floor greater resistance to wear and tear. High impact resistance; high Scracth resistance; high resistance to wear & tear; resistant to cigarrette burns.

2. Deco Paper
Designed paper treated with melamine reins. Advantage Endless design possibilities offering outstanding choice. Perfect reproduction of wood grains, ceramics or other materials. Does not fade to sun light.

3. Core-Tech 500 HR
Water-resistant, high-density fibre board. Very effective damp resistance. High density fiberboard; moisture resistant and excellent dimesional stability; low swelling values; impact resistance.

4. Special Balanceing Paper
Lower layer coating the plank. Reinforces the floor's stability. Protection agains moisture.

Features: Durability
faus durability

joint guard flash player Demo Video
  • Unique on the market, jointguard is our system for the protection of joints.
  • The seam resulting from the laying of two planks is slightly lower than the surface of the planks themselves. this difference in surface height protects the joint. Similarly note how this slight lowering of the plank joints protects them from direct knocks for longer life.

faus durability

faus durability

Faus Advantages
faus advantages

Faus Guarantees
Thanks to the combination of all the technologies, Faus have created an amazingly long-lasting floor. A surface that can resist the passing of time and remain in perfect condition. The guarantees are for 15 years, 25 years, and lifetime for domestic use (depending on the price range), and for 5 years for commercial use.

faus guarantees