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In 1931, the FINfloor laminate manufacter, Finsa is founded in Spain, by Mr. Manuel García Cambón. The manufacturing begins in a modest sawmill.

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Finsa has continued to grow steadily over the past seven decades. Today, Finsa boasts 22 factories each manufacturing a wide and varied range of panel products. They employ over 5,000 people and produces around 2,000,000 m3 of MDF/HDF and chipboard per year. As a result, Finsa is at the cutting edge in the timber industry worldwode, and is the largest producer of chipboard and MDF/HDF. United with the Faus Floors, they can produce 30,000,000 m2 laminate floor, and annual sales is approximate EUR one billion.

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Finsa's laminate floors have been developed taking into account all European high quality standards and even going far beyond expectations. Its wide selections can satisfy consumers' highest demands for commercial-grade durability.

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Finfloor Brochure

Finsa Brochure

Finsa Brochure

finfloor supreme

Finfloor Supreme Brochure

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Laminate Collections 

Finfloor Original
The ORIGINAL FINfloor range of 19 cm width, has over 50 designs available: single board, 2 or 3 planks format, rustic, modern or classic designs. Choose your style!. A wide selection of these designs is also available in different types of bevel: 4 or 2 sided V-Groove will highlight the beauty of your floor. See the color chart for bevel options offered in each design
finfloor original

Finfloor Style
This range is the narrow stylish format of FINfloor. Planks of 13 cm width and 130 cm long are presented in over 30 single plank designs. All STYLE range is available both with 4 sided V groove or without. Achieve more original and more attractive environments with FINfloor STYLE.
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Finfloor 12

FINfloor 12. More thickness, for a sound of solid wood and increased strength.
finfloor 12

Finfloor Supreme
FINFLOOR SUPREME, the FINSA laminate flooring range with an innovative plank format: length 1310mm and width 24cm. The strips give a stylish and elegant look which, together with the matt Wood Impression finish and longitudinal bevel, achieve the depth, feel and look of natural wood planks.
finfloor supreme

Fiesta Excel
Is a basic selection of 14 designs for tighter budgets. Some elegant, timeless designs never go out of fashion.
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Patented Clic System 
finfloor clic systemFINfloor Quattro uses the most modern and unique glue-free system installation. Join the panels together and our clic system makes the installation process a lot easier and quicker. Time is reduced due to our clic system produced under EP 0843763 and US 6006486 specifications.

Interlocked Resistence 

The Finfloor clic system, which have been milled in the core board itself ensure exceptional tensile strength.

Edges Protection 
finfloor protectionParaffin protects the profiles against moisture. The application of paraffin on profiles reduces friction between the installed laminate flooring hence minimize squeaking sound. Our water-tight base board and the tensile strength of our click systems offer excellent protection against surface dampness and provide a better dimensional stability.